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Breathwork. Energetic Expansion. Sacred Teachings

with Bryant iKAR Wood


Bryant iKAR wood

Spirit Medicine Specialist

Bryant (also known as “iKAR”-The one who touches the sky) is a global traveler who has immersed himself in enriching experiences. He has dedicated himself to the mastery of breath movement and energy practices and is fast becoming known as an expert in these fields of study. He is currently:

  • Master Breathwork instructor

  • Certified NLP Practitioner

  • Certified Pranashamanic Yogi

  • Certified Inclusive Mindfulness

  • Certified Motivational coach

  • Certified Mental Health Consultant through Kindred

iKAR has studied mindfulness in Buddhist Sanghas, learned from Sufi mystics, participated in week-long rituals with Ancient African IFA high priests, immersed himself in Tibetan Buddhism Tantra, and has sat and meditated and collaborated with some of the most famous Gurus of our time. He believes in direct experience through wisdom, and beautifying this world through play, diversity, and knowledge. 

iKAR offers sacred space rituals, workshops and retreats around the world. Currently, iKAR works with 1:1 clients and travels the world as a public speaker sharing his wisdom. As the co-founder of Modern Nirvana he is fully devoted to paving the way for a more enlightened world with the annual consciousness conferences hosted nationally.


He has been featured on Women's Health, ALO Yoga, PeopleTV, Forbes, Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Spotify, Biohacking Conference, United Nations, Discovery inc, Daily Yoga App, and so many more. You can see him currently on the 2nd season of the hit Netflix show "The Circle", sharing his knowledge of the breath. 


For one on one  sessions, bookings and inquiries email:

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Starts in

the Breath

Why Breathwork?

Why Naturopathy

It can help with

Meditation Group
Shadow Integration

Use your breath to expand through fear, depression and the most difficult moments of your life. Reclaim your power, dismantle limiting concepts and transform. You are not your comparisons, behaviors, thoughts, triggers, or beliefs.


The universe is breathing you, and there is nothing in you but love. Your external experience is a reflection of your internal state. Breathwork enhances emotional stability to improve all of your relations.


Convince yourself of a harmonized breath to embody proper breathing technique and balance your autonomic nervous system. Decrease stress hormones, increase energy levels and stay in consistent flow with life.

Emotional Mastery

Conscious breathing prepares you for deeper states of meditation and supports you in mastering your emotions to show up more magnetically in the world.


Learn how to direct your inner God and harness the power of your mind to create anything you wish to experience.


Clear stuck energy, free your voice, release tension in the muscles. All that holds you back, we thank and let go. Create space for your most authentic expression.